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How to make a post on Timpacloud .

To create a post onTimpacloud you have to be a registered member.

To create a post is very easy

1. Click on any category you would like to create a post in .
2. Click on New Topic
3.Write the title of your topic above and then fill in the larger box with your write up or article.
4. To post an image (attachment), post [attachment=1] on anywhere you want the first attachment to appear and [attachment=2] for the second and so on.

Note Any question violating any of these rules would be modified or deleted from the site.

Read also rules guiding our posts

1. Write an article on any field, ask a question, solve a problem or give an advice. Anything otherwise would result in automatic deletion.

2. Irrelevant articles,topics,post and questions would lead to automatic deletion.

3. Avoid the use of offensive/abusive/insulting language.

4. Avoid promoting the use of alcohol, gambling, hard drugs, pornography, illegal substances.

5. Avoid the promotion of illicit sex in anyway.

6. Make your articles, post, question or topic title as short as possible (usually less than 15 words).

7.Use the BB codes above the post box when necessary e.g B give you [b] Timpacloud[/b] which is Timpacloud

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